Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood

Unique. Original. Authentic.

Traded internationally as a precious commodity for centuries, prized for its unique benefits and unforgivable aroma, Hawaiian sandalwood eventually disappeared, as traders and ranchers decimated forests.

Thanks to the reforestation project of Hawaii, lead by a local family of Big Island, grown wild and harvested in full harmony with nature and authentic methods, we are returning to the world the unique Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil, while preserving the forest and restoring to Hawaii its ecosystem and heritage.

Here in Hawaii, each tree dies when it is naturally ready, giving it its unique oil, as opposed to traumatizing trees and forcing them to die as it is commonly done elsewhere.

Over 500,000 trees have been planted in the forest.

Our proceeds contribute to finance the reforestation of Hawaii.

Each drop of our essential oil or hydrosol is a little piece of our “aina” to your “ohana”, of our land to your family.

Aloha! We are one.

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100% Organic:
The only organic source of sandalwood in the USA

Fully Sustainable

Integrated Foresting and Processing:
From seeds, to replanting, to distillation processing

Zero Waste

What Is Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood?

Found only in the tropical forests of Hawai`i Island, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil and Hydrosol is a scarce natural resource of one of the world's most beloved destinations. Used for anything from skin care to aromatherapy, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood was prized by the Ancient Hawaiians for its incredible medicinal properties.

Eliminate Stress

Used topically and in aromatherapy, sandalwood eliminates all feelings of stress or anxiety and replaces them with a wave of calm.

Revitalize Skin

Fight off seemingly inevitable skin damage with the regenerative and healing properties of traditional Hawaiian medicine.

Refresh Surroundings

Eliminate the mustiness in old rooms and linens and fill it instead with the aroma of paradise.