Our Unique Story

The Impact

Restoring the native Hawaiian dry-land forests remains our top priority; our partner has planted over 500,000 trees, and that is just the beginning!

We are guided by strong cultural values and are working to help create a more sustainable Hawaii.

We want to spread the magic of the Hawaiian islands all around the world! Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the unique and powerful properties that Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood has to offer.

Santalum paniculatum is only found on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is considered by many to be the gold standard among the different varieties of sandalwood found worldwide. Through proper stewardship of our ‘aina (land), we are helping to reintroduce this rare and precious resource to the rest of the world.

For centuries, ships from around the world converged on Hawaii to trade for its prized sandalwood. Utilizing those proceeds, King Kamehameha the Great was finally able to unify the Hawaiian islands under his rule. Sandalwood has played an intricate part in Hawaii’s history and traditions for over 300 years, and we are honored to once again be able to share this exclusive commodity with the world.

We partner with a local Hawaiian family-owned business dedicated to reforestation, education, and environmental responsibility. We are working to restore one of the rarest ecosystems left in Hawaii, a native dry-land forest, that was decimated by invasive species and over-harvesting. Our goal is to return the native forest to its pre-contact condition. As a result of these efforts, over 500,000 native Hawaiian trees have been replanted thus far.

The forest management plan dictates only dead or dying trees can be harvested. A tree is considered to be “dying” when less than 50% of its canopy remains. The average age of the trees that are harvested is 45 years old. All trees are allowed to go through their natural lifespan prior to being processed into essential oil and hydrosol. We don’t traumatize, stress, or damage the trees in any way (a common practice in plantation sandalwood oil production); instead the tree is allowed to create oil on its own and harvested at the end of its natural lifecycle.

Using sustainable practices we are able to provide the only organic, Eco-Certified sandalwood products made in the USA. Our mission is to create an environmentally and economically sustainable industry here in Hawaii. The proceeds from these efforts go directly to the planting and repopulating of our native forests. By strictly following our forest management plan and replanting native species, we hope to insure the long term viability of this natural resource.